Mulenga Cynthia Mulenga holds a BSc Hons in Computing from Greenwich University, currently working as a Tech Supervisor at Limalinks Zambia where she supervises a team of developers.

Cynthia is the third born in the family of 9, consisting of 7 boys and 2 girls, Daughter of Capt. Chewe Mulenga and Sibeso Simasiku. Growing up as a girl in an environment where she had to compete with boys, lads and men in almost anything was not easy but her father always encouraged her, “not to let gender stop her from following her dreams and working hard to turn them into reality.”

Cynthia handing out a certificate at the Facebook Developers Circle AI masterclass.

Cynthia’s interest in technology began at a tender age and her first encounter with a computer was when she was in her 4th grade. Her father took her to his workplace for “bring your children to work day.” She has always being a curious child and from then she got interested in finding out how the magnificent 1990s Macintosh computers worked (she regarded a computer as a television set that allowed one to control it) and this did catch her attention.

Luckily for Cynthia, her dad was the kind that would take time and notice where each of his children’s interests fell when it came to education. And he noticed that she was leaning towards science and technology, he made sure she took the right subjects in order to excel in her interests. For that Cynthia is grateful and thankful because she enjoyed every subject and course he advised.

Conducting a database design session

Cynthia’s mum has always been an inspiration, she would not be the woman she is today. She has always pushed her to study hard and achieve more than she did. Cynthia calls her mum a fighter, who has achieved a lot for one with little formal education.

When it came to choosing her career path, Cynthia was not quite sure whether to go down the hardware or software path. Her first IT related job was with Rhodes Park School, where she worked as an Assistant Network Administrator. One year down the line, she realised that she did not enjoy Networking and took a step that changed her entire career life. She decided to quit her job and started her journey down the programming life.

“It was not an easy one, in that very few people were eager to hire a female coder, but thanks to Asikana Network, I was introduced to LimaLinks Zambia. LimaLinks give me resources to learn python to add to my Java skills. This has helped me gain great experience in my backend python/django development,” says Cynthia.

During the Africa Code Week celebrations

Cynthia is passionate about ICT for development, and has proved this by voluntarily teaching Databases under Asikana Network, and joining the Facebook Developer Circle Lusaka as a Co-lead where she helps organize meetups, suggest best ways to capture developers (both experts and learners) to join the circle, help train developers in the available Facebook developer tools.

She never underestimates the power of giving back to the community through volunteering, she believes life has a way of rewarding people that cheerfully serve others.