Alumanda Shakankale is a Computer Engineer with a BEng in Computer Engineering, currently working at CIDRZ (Centre Infectious Disease for Research in Zambia) as a Technical Support Specialist.

Alumanda joined the Network in 2012 and it has been a very interesting journey. While with the network, she participated in her first startup weekend where FIXER, a platform that connects handymen and maids to users when they need them. FIXER was chosen as the best startup project.

She says being a member of the network has really opened a lot of doors and exposed her to opportunities that normally one would never have heard. Alumanda says she loves the “My Sister’s Keeper Spirit” the network has, the way members encourage each other, share opportunities and keep the positive energy going, this has made a huge difference in her life.

Alumanda believes in computer literacy for all and takes active steps towards this by; teaching basic computers skills to the youth and women, facilitating and training in programming (scratch) for girls as well as young women.

Alumanda teaching Scratch programming during Girls in ICT Day, 2017.

She recently participated in the first ever Lusaka Internet Forum, where she was a panelist discussing “roles of different stakeholders in enhancing gender balance in access and use of Information, Communication and Technology (ICTs) in Zambia.”

Alumanda’s passion for ICT for development has helped her develop applications like:

Smart-Commute, an application that allows commuters to buy tickets online, under the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Agency (ZICTA) 2016 Innovation Program.
The application ensures that bus owners get the correct amount of money from their drivers for every trip they make, enables city councils to collect bus levy and sends alerts or reminders to bus owners when the buses are due for fitness or insurance.

Solar Calculator, a web based application that calculates the amount of usable solar energy one can get from a solar panel in a given location. This application Won the People’s choice award at the Lusaka Space Apps Challenge and was a global nominee representing Lusaka, Zambia at the international Space Apps challenge.

In the next five years, Alumanda sees Asikana moving into their own building, having a presence in most high schools, colleges and universities in Zambia, as well as conducting trainings in ICT regularly and having the Girls in ICT day commemorated at all high schools in Zambia.

Her favorite quote is :”Inspire change through Innovation.”