Chiluba Fungo is a front-end and back-end web developer, Computer technician and is currently studying her Degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics at Information Communication University. She has also studied Information Systems and Program at National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA).

She is a young lady passionate about Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and has been in the industry since 2012, it has not been an easy journey being a girl but with lots of dedication and hard work she has pulled through.

Chiluba joined Asikana Network in 2012, introduced to her by a friend. Her journey with the network has been great, and she feels she is the Network’s’ “child.” The networks mentorship and grooming in the ICT industry has been amazing and her being able to work with young people, especially girls has been an awesome and exciting experience.

Trainer Chiluba Fungo – Training girls during the Africa Code Week, 2017.

She says, being in the ICT industry is not easy with family and community members alwayss trying to bring you down by saying “Technology” is a boys world, but this as a girl should not put you off, when we put our mind to do something as young ladies we do it to our very best therefore in whatever you do or wherever you go, always strive to be the best you can be.

Chiluba believes Asikana Network will not just be a local organisation (Lusaka situated only) but one that will be established in other provinces. An organisation that will help bring society on board in terms of ICTs and have more mentors and females interested in the ICT industry.

Her advice to the young ladies out there is to join organisations like Asikana Network as they help change mindsets and open doors to great opportunities. “Therefore as young ladies let’s be proactive, learn new skills everyday as ICT is always revolving,” she adds.

Chiluba wants to be a GOLD member and mentor of Asikana Network.