Who We Are

Asikana Network (Young women’s network) was created out of a need to bring together all women and girls using Technology and for the good of having more of this group actively and meaningfully present in the Tech field. 

Our Vision

To create a community of confident and capable women through technology.


Helping more women find employment using Technology.

Target Group

Asikana Network has identified three groups of young women as the target group:

Our Objectives

Asikana Network aims to empower young women and equip them with ICT skills to help them in their various fields. We believe partnering with organisations from the private sector will help us achieve our goals/objectives which include:

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Our Testimonials

What Our Members Say

I joined The Asikana Network immediately I completed my studies at The Copperbelt University. Initially, it was to explore and share my love for Graphics Design, but instead, the community and the network’s support encouraged me to take on challenges that have been beneficial to my personal and professional development beyond my qualifications and hobbies.

Stella Mwanahamuntu Designer & Developer

When I got my first real job,I was very excited. But my contract ended prematurely after a year and a half. After staying jobless for a few months. My friend and I heard about Asikana Network and so we joined the network. The network gave me a chance to volunteer as a basic computer instructor in government schools. With this volunteering experience I was able to get another job as a computer instructor.

Abigail Shachinda Designer & Graphic Designer

Criticism is not entirely bad, objectively take it and use it to learn key areas of your life that need improvement or growth. Remember , you only stop learning when you stop living.

Cynthia Mulenga Software Developer