The Meta Digital literacy Forum forum convened stakeholders from the government, private sector, NGOs, and educators to discuss the role of digital literacy in combating issues such as misinformation, hate speech, bullying and harassment, and online safety. The idea was to highlight the responsibility of ensuring responsible and safe use of digital platforms not only by Meta but all stakeholders. The forum, held on 7th December, 2021, provides an opportunity to spotlight Meta’s effort in curbing misinformation, hate speech, bullying and harassment while promoting online safety via digital literacy. At the end of the forum, the key stakeholders identified gaps that exist in the fight to enable digital literacy and made recommendations on what actions different stakeholders can take to enhance digital literacy.

Some of the key matters emerging from the forum were:
– Identifying the gap that exists in the Digital Literacy field in Zambia.
– What some of the most identifiable measures we can take to close this gap are.
– Who are the key stakeholders in these efforts.