Girls CAN Code!

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Trainer Chiluba during Africa code week 2017

The Hackathon had ladies from all walks of life developers, designers, tech enthusiasts name them all and worked to together to learn new skills, test and bring new ideas to life as well as met awesome ladies doing amazing things with technology.

The Hackathon under the theme “Social Impact” was concluded by having two winning teams thus Team QRC CrowdFunding a mobile enabled crowd funding platform for local organizations & initiatives and Team AfroFashion who will use tech to develop skills of tailors & designers.

The winning teams of the Hackathon will get 3 weeks FREE INCUBATION from BongoHive Innovation and Technology Hub. Through the incubation, the winning teams will learn how to refine and prototype their idea while getting a set of business fundamentals essential to a new enterprise.

Thank you all for your support and those that participated in this year’s Africa Code Week.
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“We are WOMEN, We are AFRICAN, We are CAPABLE”